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Gigliotto Tenute

A love for the land, its fruits, and flavors. These are the core values that Mr. Elio Savoca, as owner of the property, seeks to pass on the winery GigliottoTenute which is an estate of 200 hectares, including 20 hectares of vineyard flying up to 400 meters above sea level, where the sandstone soil, colors, scents and history come together to express the beauty of the terrain. Our winery incorporates the most advanced wine processing technologies... Technologies of aging and fermenting of wine in wooden casks and steel tanks, as well as the best technologies of bottling and storing which permits us to produce Nero d’Avola , Chardonnay, Petit Verdot, Frappato and Zibibbo wines of the finest quality. Each bottle of GigliottoTenute incorporates the magnificence of a prodigal, antique and rich land which we are proud of, since here at GigliottoTenute, we produce noble wines that are “Made in Sicily”, and appreciated all over the world.

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