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Giuseppe Rosso Società Agricola Unipersonale a R.L.

The enterprise of "Giuseppe Rosso", known under the brand of Canned Sicily, is characterized by a name of a farm for direct contact with the horticultural production of our territory. The challenge of the spouses Giuseppe and Rita Rosso, was that of making the tables of the world horticultural products of Terre Iblee and enjoy them prepared in accordance with the "Ancient Sicilian recipes." The raw materials are carefully selected before being stored according to ancient methods and processes. The research has retained the flavor and originality of the product is aimed at maintaining an antique, but is the daughter of a demand purely qualitative. The company stands therefore for a niche production of high quality, but at the service of stores: what makes the difference is the ability to serve or to satisfy the choices of your client. Today, excellence is easy to find on the shelves of major chains, rather than shop flavors of the country, for the simple reason that it is not easy to get the size of the market to absorb those minimum volumes that can be used to bring down the price and lead the consumer's table, at a competitive price, a high quality product. Artichokes, Tomatoes, Black and green olives, peppers, eggplants and spring onions, and all our land produces good and typical, is carefully selected and processed to be stored in glass or plastic, with the addition of oil extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil or vinegar from local grapes, and reach our boards as Appetizers, Side dishes, cream and savory sauces ready. It uses a lot of plastic, polypropylene is very convenient for the "do it yourself" or for large packs, but the glass is the container for excellence where taste, flavor, smell, remain unchanged over time. We use sunflower oil and extra virgin olive oil. For the sauces mainly use olive oil because it gives a unique flavor and enhances the cherry tomato. For vegetables is preferable to oil sunflower seeds, because steel and confers no odor and flavor to vegetables preserved. Reperiamo all products from our local agriculture. We buy a lot of plants in the collection we also provide a cure. The processing of fresh is very challenging because it conditions the whole year. Just think of the campaign of the artichokes in April, or the campaign in October olives, tomatoes in July, vegetables in June, pepper, eggplant with. In this part of Sicily, we have an extraordinary climate that allows us to produce with seasonal long, or that go on for longer, helping a better conservation work. The best thing we have done in the order is the norm sauce, eggplant caponata, cherry sauce, thanks to the excellent quality has enabled us to produce even brand products Fior Fiore Coop.

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