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Azienda agricola biologica Salemi Pina

The  family are upholders of wholesome traditions and deeply bonded to their land, the same land which  yields the vegetables and extra-virgin olive oil used in the preparation of preserves and sauces, following authentic Sicilian recipes. These products that bring natural flavours to the table come from a genuine, sun-kissed territory surrounded by the sea. A unique taste experience that we have the pleasure of offering our clients, to describe, through our passion, the real taste of things as they once were made. Mrs Pina Salemi, her husband Sebastiano and children Nancy and Pierpaolo place great importance on the craftsmanship and genuineness of their products. This means observance of the cycles of nature, selection of their best produce and top quality finished products. These principles have led them to choose organic farming methods. On the ten-hectare farm a few kilometres from Sortino, the cultivation of vegetables and olive trees is carried out with the utmost respect for nature, and in the name of a long family tradition. The vegetables are picked only when fully ripe and manufactured within a few hours, without the use of additives, preservatives or colouring agents. Each jar is simply the result of a natural course: from sowing to reaping, up to the table-ready dish, homemade style.

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