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Mugavero Teresa s.a.s.

Our company has been founded in 1959 in Italy and today it is producer of npk special fertilisers granular, water-soluble, liquid and gel. We also produce urea with urease inhibitor and urea phosphate. Our products are made in Italy and are fruit of strong activities of R&D, design and high quality production since we have an innovative dry system that eliminates the caking phenomena of the water-soluble products.Finally we have slow release fertilisers that improve the nutriments given to the plants and decrease the emissions of Co2.

thanks to the quality and design of our fertilisers we are considered the “made in Italy” for Agriculture’s industry.

We do not produce Urea

 Today we are exporting in many countries of the world, they are the following:

Albania, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, China, Ecuador, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Georgia, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait,Korea, Lebanon, Malta, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Turkey, Vietnam and Yemen.

Telefono: 0921 934162
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