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Lago Verde Farm House

Lago Verde was once a simple healthy farmland which has now been transformed into a comfortable lodging. Surrounded by green pasture and beautiful countryside, this recently constructed place makes use of local stone, wood, old style ceramics, and wrought iron to hark back to the old times. In our firm, we cultivate olives to produce oilo the varieties are, Cerasuola, what it produces a very perfumed oil but the strange thing and that during the millstone the color of the pasta of the oilo is pink, and other kind of olive. Everything is home made and fresh, we produce tomato sauce with tomato "siccagno" does mean with-out water, transformed by transformed by a firm of the territor, with our eggplants we make the caponata, that has been winning as good appetizer siculo in 2001, disembarking to the CNN in Atlanta with 2 suppers of frill,obviously we don't produce for big quantities, otherwise the quality would lower. We offer B&B service, a breakfast purely typical Sicilian, with our products and of the district, we organize courses of Mediterranean kitchen with our chef Lino Rinchiuso The small town of Alia, a typical picturesque countryside village with earth colours and narrow winding streets, can be admired from the large terraces of Lago Verde. Situated between three main centres -Palermo, Agrigento and Cefalu – Lago Verde is ideal as a base to discover the many faces of the Palermitan province. Although little known these past cultures are certainly no less fascinating. The contrasting scenaries stretch from the Cefalu seaside, the hills of the Madonnie and the feudal castles standing testimony to the history of our interland.

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