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Macaluso S.p.A.

Macaluso S.p.A. is a modern Sicilian company, born in 1922 when Francesco Macaluso started producing canned sea fish caught in the Mediterranean Sea. The company found success among consumers since the beginning of the activity and it grew over the time. That, thanks to the quality of raw materials as well as the processing techniques, which enabled the company to conquer a large regional and even national customer base. The postwar period marked a new phase of development. The new generation started processing the Yellowfin tuna, known as "tuna import", in order to distinguish it from the Mediterranean fish. This was a winning choice among customers and gave new life to the business development. Anyway, the new economic context, the competitive markets and the new EU rules brought the company to take more dynamic choices. In this new vision, the Macaluso S.p.A. is born, a new company that still preserves a family business. High quality and innovation are the two fundamental principles of its mission. Moreover, the company started new partnerships with important Italian and European manufacturers, in order to guarantee high quality standards and competitiveness. For almost 100 years Coalma and Due Pavoni products has made a success among the Italian and international consumers. This is due to the high quality of raw materials and to the traditional processing, loyal to Sicilian tradition. Our canned tuna is still cooked in brine in water and sea salt. Moreover, we only use fresh catch, which is canned in the fishing areas. This processing technique maintains intact flavor and compactness of the tuna steak, rather than the quicker steam cooking. The Due Pavoni and Coalma lines offer excellent salted and in oil canned fish. Our products are appreciated by the consumers all over the world and we offer different sizes in order to meet the varied markets and purpose, from 80 to 160 grams and the bigger sizes used by the Ho.Re.Ca market.

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