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Amorfood S.r.l.

The AMORFOOD brand, being love for food, comes from the passion for Sicilian food of excellence. An idea by Sicilian entrepreneurs, each with different cultural and specific backgrounds, but all share the same love for good food. The AMORFOOD products are selected through a careful research of the best food, which comes from small local producers, and united by a single brand that respects and values their identity, giving back value to the production processes that are historic, traditional and have always guaranteed an authentic flavor to the food. "True Love", which is not based on simple gratification of the senses, but on a deep knowledge of the selected food: AMORFOOD offers to its consumers a full discovery of these products, allowing the researchers of refined flavors an immersion in the production process: virtual, through artist’s video-documentaries made ad-hoc for each product, or real, through specific itineraries studied to accompany the consumer in the homeland of these unique flavors. AMORFOOD Tours Unique trips designed by experts in the field of tourism, food and art, for an extraordinary tourism, for those who want an unforgettable experience. Art, archeology, nature, wellness, sport, food and, mainly access to private buildings, abbeys, collections, villas and gardens. Secret places and unique sceneries, original experiences for the guests who will enjoy the proverbial Sicilian hospitality and its best food. AMORFOOD tours Services: Apartment rentals in and out of town Trip and transport organization (helicopter rental is considered) Personalized art tours, with or without official guides Visits to art collections and private gardens Reservations for museums and theaters Shopping tour Visits to local old markets Boat outings in the Mediterranean Sea Spa Golf and other sports activities AMORFOOD Art Collection The AMORFOOD itinerary through the food excellences is also accompanied by an art research itinerary dedicated to Sicily. Therefore, AMORFOOD Art Collection was created. The curator of the collection each year will select a young artist from the emerging Sicilian scene. The artist will be invited to explore the locations in which the AMORFOOD products come from, and will meet the producers and see the traditional production processes. At the end of the residency stages, after observing all of the splendor of the cult locations of the Sicilian food, the artist will create a new work of art, which will become part of the AMORFOOD Art Collection. Simultaneously, each of the AMORFOOD products will be also depicted by an artist’s documentary, viewable on the site 

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