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(食品饮料)Caffè Morettino

公司以艺术手工和生态可持续的方式生产并加工慢咖啡产品。产品经过多种国际认证,并且被承认为有机产品。另外,公司还有一间收藏了来自全球700种咖啡产品的“咖啡博物馆”。我们生产有机咖啡、果味咖啡、巧克力味产品等。 "Caffè Morettino" is a true story of passion for coffee that lasts since 4 generations: Morettino pursues excellence with passion, dedication and enthusiasm. Morettino strong believes on a total quality view as the heart of its corporate vision in full respect of the product, the consumer and environment. Since 1950 Morettino is an artisanal slow coffee produced through an eco-friendly and eco-sustainable process, which enhances all the natural organoleptic potentials of our pure coffee. Morettino selections are created with passion through careful care and selection of raw materials, a wise ageing of raw and roasted coffee and a distinctive slow and ecological roasting. Morettino signs with the family name all own blends to ensure the identity of the tradition, the passion for coffee and the final product. Morettino always combines its know-how to ongoing research and development, believing that innovation must have its roots in tradition. The company thanks to a natural vocation and continuous quality also received numerous international awards such as the prestigious "Gold Medal" at the International Coffee Tasting in 2008, 2010 and 2014. The company has the most representative Quality Certifications of business processes (UNI EN ISO 9001 and 14001) and product (ICEA ORGANIC). Morettino also boasts an innovative Patent "Espresso al Quadrato", based on a unique type of eco-friendly square pods paper filter. As evidence of the centrality of culture and strong ties with the territory, Morettino in the heart of the family, has created for all coffee lovers an exclusive Coffee Museum, which boasts more than 700 pieces from all over the world. The museum is the site of meetings between history, tradition and experiential pathways inside the intense world of coffee. With Morettino selections of Grand Cru from countries and cultures all over the world, Morettino offers a distinctive "slow coffee experience": a conscious path inside the intense world of coffee. The new range “Morettino Organic Coffee” is an authentic and natural coffee experience among the finest organic coffees in the world selected by Morettino. “Espresso Mediterraneo Organic” is a refined and aromatic organic coffee blend with fruity notes and chocolate hints. Learn more Morettino is a unique story of passionate love for coffee that lasts since 4 generations. Since 1950 Morettino daily pursues for excellence according to the ancient tradition through a total quality vision. Morettino is a slow coffee produced through own artisanal, eco-sustainable and respectful production process. Morettino selection are created through a careful selection of widest origins, a careful phase of ageing of raw and roasted coffee and a distinctive slow and eco-friendly roasting.

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