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Oleificio Migliore Raffaele

This company was founded in 2004 by Mr Raffaele Migliore. It is a family business at its second generation in fact Mr Migliore is now working with his son Orazio and his two daughters Giusy and Rosalba. Since its foundation the company became a leader in production of extravirgin olive oil. It produces also organic olive oil. thanks to the cooperation with many years' experience olive growers the company was able to obtain ighest quality  products. Quality is still the primary goal for the company which is already exporting in Germany, France and Belgium and is currently working on expanding the business by exporting to other countries either in the North of Europe and overseas. The company is looking for opportuinities in United States and China but it is open to any other possible business idea. Current capability is 200.000 liters per year and we are currently working on expanding the operations to increase up to 300.000 by the end of 2015. We have great connections with the best carriers in the world which help us to deliver our quality all over the world.

Cellulare: +393298072098
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