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DAREGAMBEALEEIDEE - 帮助创意落地前行 决定你未来的欧洲项目 - 罗贝塔 墨西拿

Daregambealleidee literally means 'giving legs to ideas', turning ideas into projects and projects into opportunities. The Consultancy Company has started from 2014 a focus on China, taking care of Sicilian and Chinese companies in search of mutual cooperation. IX Technology Fair, October 2014 in Chengdu, and SIAL Shanghai in May 2015 were the last main stones of this project, carried on in cooperation with Studio legale Lucia and  Enterprise Europe Network-Confindustria Sicilia. An idea with legs, is an idea embodied in the hidden potential of a business, that exists either in the private or in the public sector. It's an idea that turns into a project, to bring to life that hidden potential. Daregambealleidee has realised ideas with legs for the past twenty years, by bringing together the best assets to deliver tangible results for those who believe in building a brighter future. Dynamic and flexible, Daregambealleidee's services focus primarily around European project management. We work with a team of multi-lingual experts with a deep knowledge of the opportunities on a local and national level. A constantly updated awareness that guarantees timely responses to calls for grant proposals. Among our strengths, there is a wide network of partners and contractors in every European country, and a strong network of contacts outside of Europe. Daregambealleidee was created to deliver recipes for growth: professionally, financially, culturally. In Sicily and in the rest of the world.

Cellulare: 00 39 3292175127