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Sughi del principe

"Sughidelprincipe" is a company dealingwith food trasformation.At the base of  Sughi del principe marketTargets there is the search for regional products.These products, distinguished by homemade quality that had been lost in thelast  years, are now having a new appeal with the consumer that have become verydemanding towards qualityand genuineness.Appetizers or Pates, Saucesand Pesto for pasta ,Chutney,Marmaledes ,Jelly and Jam.Are produced with traditional methodsand   following the original recipes transmitted by the Sicilian gastronomic culture. It is  just to wards the competitive advantage of Quality that Sughi del principe is oriented, using As much as possible, fruits and vegetablescoming from integrated-productionsystem for agriculture.An exstreme care is taken in making thepacKaning simple and refined, as ourregionaltradition requires.  News  Our  farm  produces legumes for human nutritional  use(chickpeas, Leonforte  broad beans) and several kinds of horticultural producs. Trasforming them in to final producs that can  be easily used by the consumer, and ensuring their organoleptic qualities,these products recall old genuine flavours. Our productive process is constantly monotored,from the seed-choosing the best local cultivars- tofinal product, and our deep commitment guarantees high quality, also due to crops with a low environmental impact.                                                                                             Our objectives are:   - to make you taste a genuine product, coming from integrated-production systems for agriculture, that can satisfy your palate's desire;  -to come  back to flavours and hand work of the past;  - to monitor in the appropriate way all the process our   products undergo. Line starters and canape - Aubergines relish - Capers in oil - Olive farmer's - Cream of Tomato - Black Olive Patè - Green Olive Patè - Mushroom Patè -  Artichokes patè flavors with Lemon -  Capers Patè - Fresh Garlic in oil Chutney Line - Onions chutney and peppers - Onions chutney and  ginger - Onions chutney  and orange - Red onion compote - Tomato compote Dough Line - Cream of beans - Cream of  beans and grilled swordfish - Cream of  chickpea with ginger - Cream of peas - Hot  Sauce - Dried Tomato Pesto - Pistachio Pesto - Asparagus Pesto - Almond  and smoked swordfish Pesto -  Taormina sauce -  Bellini sauce -  Norma sauce -  Sicilian sauce Jam and Jelly Line - Orange marmalade - Lemon Jam - Mandarin Jam - Lemon and green apple jelly - Pear and cinnamon compote - Wine cream  insolia - Marsala Wine cream - Wine cream raisins - Malvasia wine cream - Nero d'Avola wine cream - Cerasuolo Vittoria wine cream - Tears of Bacchus (with 23 karat gold) Line the creamy (spreadable) - Creamy Coffee - Creamy Pistachio - Creamy Hazelnut - Creamy white - Creamy almond All this, because we want to bring a piece of Sicily on your tables.

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