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azienda agricola fratelli Ippolito

The company produces Citrus Fruit respecting  the Nature and the Consumer. Our Citrus plantations cover about 25 hectares and within the Territory of Mineo, Province of Catania. The oldest Zone and dedicated to cultivation Orange Red Pulp, the cultivation of which is possible thanks to the particular influence of climatic factors that act in this area and that determine important  characteristics organoleptic, such as the peculiarities of taste due to the right balance between acids and sugars. We produce: •Oranges Red Pulp IGP: Tarocco and Sanguinello •Oranges Blonde Pulp: Navelina Valencia late and Lane Late  We integrate our production with lemon of Syracuse and the late Mandarin Ciaculli from companies selected by us. In addition we produce extra virgin olive oil. The trademark used  for citrus  is " Poggiarelli agricolturabiologica"  and for extra virgin olive oil is " Baglio Capuana " . The company in 1992 began to cultivate their land following the methods of organic farming are currently inspected and certified by CCPB of Bologna and in 2014 we have been certified BIO SUISSE and GLOBAL GAP. Since 2003 we are converting a farm of about 20 hectares completely abandoned beginning a slow conversion by planting 10 hectares of woodland with Mediterranean (Carrubbo, olive gorse wild pear) and in 2006 with the planting of 2.5 hectares of prized olive grove (Tonda Iblea) and we hope in 2015 with the planting of the last 4 hectares of almond. In 2015 we will begin a journey that will take us to revolutionize all irrigation systems with the use of plants to further save water and to the installation of photovoltaic panels to produce electricity and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Cellulare: +393355212602