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Azienda Agricola Pietracava

It was 2004 when Domenico Ortoleva, motivated by youthful memories of when the wine was made in the old way, the process of transformation of the company, and I deeply every effort to become a competitive company, where respect of production techniques and the personal control of the vinification process, have become the daily modus operandi. The company PietraCava located in the district Butera Chiarchiaro in the territory of Caltanissetta, lies on the left bank of the river Comunelli, on a hill with respect to the latter, in an agricultural context in which the morphology of the terrain and weather conditions have created a terroir in which the different varieties have adapted by transferring the collected before and after the wine, scents and flavors unici.Questi last, accompanied by the constancy of the results, they brought wine PietraCava to gain the consensus of quality wines.

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