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Cooperativa L'arcobaleno

The“Agri-Bio L’arcobaleno” Cooperative produces oranges, almonds,extra virgin olive oil and conserves from biological agriculture. The Cooperative Agri-Bio L’arcobaleno started on 1993 by a responsible decision of manyfarmers that, safeguarding of the health of itsconsumers, are aware of their own rolein the defence of theenvironment,choseto cultivatetheir fields with antiquetechniques used bytheir fathers. It’s thiscare and lovefor theland together with the generous nature of Sicily with itsexcellentclimaticconditions thatconfer to the products of thecooperative biological agriculture“L’arcobaleno” this special taste and organoleptic properties. The firm has got its own warehouses in contradaMolinazzo in Caltabellotta in the province of Agrigento, a few kilometers from Sciacca, a beautiful town with an exposure over theclear African sea,known for itsextraordinary natural beauty and for its thermal waters. Theestablishment is situated in the Sicanevalleys, in theterritory of Villafranca Sicula and Caltabellotta at an altitudethatvaries from 200 to 600 meters abovethesea level and it occupies a surface of 210 hectares of which 100 arecultivated with citrus plantation and 110 hectares with olive groves. The hilly position, theventilated territory, thetotal absence of humidity, the beneficial influence of theMediterranean sea makethis territory particularly suitablefor a biologicalcultivation ofcitrus plantation, and olive groves. That’s thereason whythe plants areso flourishing and thefruits areso excellent. The Agri-Bio L’arcobaleno Coop. adheres to: – O.P. IFrutti della Valle dei Templi; – Consorzio Isolabio Sicilia; – Lega delle Cooperative; – UE-coop Unioneeuropea dellecooperative; – Consorzio di tutela Arance di Ribera D.O.P.; – D.O.P. Val diMazara (olio extravergine di oliva); – A.I.A.B. (AssociazioneItaliana Agricoltura Biologica); All the firms belonging to the“Agri Bio L’arcobaleno” Cooperative have a biological certification from I.C.E.A. an a certification GLOBAL GAP from C.C.P.B and Naturland. The Agri-Bio L’arcobaleno Coop is inscribed to the national roll “CAMPAGNA AMICA” n. AAAG SEL040.

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