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Azienda Agricola Geraci s.s. - Tarucco Vini di Sicilia

The land belonging to Tarucco is situated near Contessa Entellina Doc (Registered Designation of Origin), in central west Sicily. Its name comes from the Arabic Qalat at Tariq (Castel of the street), because during the Arab domination a castle was built there.In 1392, with “Editto di Re Martino”, Tarucco was given to the Monreale Church, which controlled it until the Sicilian Constitution was approved, in 1812. In the second half of the XIX century a “baglio” (a typical Sicilian rural building) was built , called “Case Langer”, with a wine-cellar and a “palmento” (where grape pressing took place). Tarucco has belonged to the Geraci Family since 1920. Earlier owners, were Pallme König and Weidlich from the German middle classes who, along with English families, came to Sicily in the XIX century for commercial purposes and then settled on the island.Today Tarucco, the heart of “Azienda Agricola Geraci”, covers 15 hectares of both clay and sandy soil. There are 13 hectares of vines and 2 of olive trees. Tarucco lies at an altitude of between 400 and 500 meters above sea level, and the big difference between day and night time temperatures guarantees elegant wines with a rich bouquet. Every vineyard is planted in the most appropriate soil for each specific grape, with attention paid to genetic differences. Each vineyard is also planted to gain maximum benefit from exposure to the sun and geographical position. Finally all the vineyards are nurtured employing organic methods of cultivation. Indeed everything in the winery is undertaken with painstaking attention to the concepts of “genuineness and organoleptic purity”. These are the elements which make our wine distinct: everything is in response to an agronomic and oenological project inspired exclusively by “Care”. Our products are: Tarucco Peralta (Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah); Tarucco Syrah; Tarucco Alicante; Tarucco Gioeni (Cabernet Sauvignon and Alicante Bouschet); Tarucco Nero d'Avola; Tarucco Merlot; Tarucco Cabernet Sauvignon; Tarucco Chardonnay; Tarucco Colonna (Chardonnay and Grillo); Tarucco Grillo.

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