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Comm. Alfio Fichera S.r.l.

In 1924, more than 50 years after his market debut, Comm. Alfio Fichera takes over the company that bears his name and with his sons and his closest collaborators, creates a real business family working with a great spirit of togetherness and initiative to bring the distillery to the highest quality standards. In the late '50s, the company expands and modernizes its facilities, thus becoming one of the most popular suppliers of distillates for large national companies, as Stock in Trieste. In 1967, the death of Comm. Alfio Fichera left a deep void in the heart of the company but it has not exhausted the determination of his descendants who have decided to look ahead and make the company the leader of spirits and distillates. New generation continues to feed this love, to hand down the family tradition and to give Comm. Alfio Fichera Distilleries a prestige internationally renowned.

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