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Medi Mar Ltd let the sea be its passion and enhances the sea flavors every day. Specialized in fish processing, in particular in some fine quality smoking, Medi Mar selects only the best raw materials and using traditional methods to bring to the table unique flavors. Three people generations who have made Medi Mar an established company in the industry, with crafts experience and savoir faire that allow to get unique products. The choice of fish quality and the most sophisticated technologies and processing methods acquired over time, mean that the Medi Mar fishes still maintain the flavor of the old Sicilian tradition. See our products: For the fish smoking process, Medi Mar uses traditional cold-working methods, which consist of three phases: -Hand picking -Dry salted -Smoking by hanging We use spices and precious wood smoke to refine taste of our products and give them the typical aroma and flavor of smoked product. The production is practiced in the self-control system according to H.AC.CP veterinary procedures. It is especially our salmon worked from fresh fish coming straight from Norway every week. Our salmons are imported fresh from Norway, from leading companies in the livestock sector with sea cages. The quality is maintained thanks to the cold temperatures ot the Nordic Seas, which maintain its taste and freshness. The smoked salmon Medi Mar is obtained by careful work on the Norwegian salmon of the highest quality. Products packaged in filet, in thick or sliced.

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