Padiglione Italia
Regione Siciliana
Expo Milano 2015


Saff di Sara Ferrara e c.

Our oil and 'extract only Sicilian olives from the territory of madonie from trees and other native cultivars such as biancolilla the nocellara Belice and Cerasuola. The hilly terrain and mild climate do not favor the attack of the olive fruit fly, would not normally require chemical treatments and allowing production of high quality and authenticity. The olives are harvested by hand, are selected and pressed within 24 hours. Extraction and 'done by the two-phase and a cold working, during which the temperature of the olive paste does not exceed 27 degrees centigrade. The conservation of the oil is carried in stainless steel silos under nitrogen (in the absence of air, thus preventing the oxidation of the product) and a constant temperature between 14 ° and 16 ° C for the duration of storage up to 'bottling, which occurs after settling in a natural way without the use of filtering. The bottling is done with a fully automatic and capable of ensuring the product unaltered. As described above the entire production process and 'certified by appropriate documentation.

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