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Parnassum s.r.l.

Parnassum s.r.l. is distributor of products from winery "Terre del Parnaso - Wines of Sicily ".   The winery was founded in 2000 and its property lies in a strip of hill-land between the provinces of Agrigento and Caltanissetta (the central-west of Sicily).  This is a land highly vocated  to wine production: mild climate, proximity to the sea, fertile and undulating ground and sunny almost all year round.  These are factors which make our products excellent.  The rest is done by the patient work of hand-harvested and the meticulous work of wine experts, attentive to the best traditions, as well as to the updated wine-making technology. We respect the right time for production-process; fermentation take place always at constant and controlled temperature; the wines are bottled cold and in sterile environment:  all these steps bring on the table of our estimators not only excellent wines, but also the genuine taste of Sicily. Some of them have obtained prestigeous aknowledgements and prices. PRODUCTS: RED WINE  Nekaber (Nero d’Avola e Cabernet Sauvignon) Conte Parnaso (Nero d’Avola) Alcalir (Nero d’Avola e Nerello Cappuccio) Alcalà (Nero d’Avola) WHITE WINE  Tuscè (Chardonnay) Alcalir (Inzolia e Cataratto) Alcalà (Inzolia) SPARKLING WINE Arcadia (Prosecco e Inzolia)

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