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Azienda Falcone

The Falcone Wine Company was born from the Falcone family’s passion for agriculture in all its varieties. Over twenty years have been dedicated to studying the land that surrounds their home on Mount Etna. The result is a dedication to cultivating a great vineyard for the exclusive production of AITHO. Beginning in 1990, the Falcone Wine Co. embarked on an assessment of a family vineyard and its terracing, whilst re-establishing one of their oldest vineyards on the south-west slopes of the volcano Etna. The Falcone vineyards lie within the Etna DOC region of Santa Maria di Licodia and are planted using the espalier system, which permits some mechanized operations without omitting the traditions of manual labor required for high quality wine production.This type of cultivation enables careful management of the land and expert viticulture practices that have been implemented for a newly established vineyard – measuring approximately 30,000 sm. with 27,000 sm. –planted exclusively to the production of the autochthonous Etna grape varietyNerelloMascalese.

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