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Molini del Ponte srl

All the flour Molini del Ponte produces is derived solely from Sicilian/South-Italian durum and soft wheat – these grains are free from mycotoxin and the flour obtained is additive-free. Our way towards excellence is to restore ancient autochthon wheat varieties combining old knowledge with modern technologies. The feather in our cap is surely our stone-ground flour. The mills we use are dated late nineteenth century; they are essential for producing the whole wheat flour of our brand "Le Farine del Palmento". The precious grindstones are also fundamental for the production of the Sicilian whole grain durum wheat flour called TUMMINIA, used for the making of the Pane Nero di Castelvetrano, slow food local chapter. We are also specialised in the production of durum wheat semolina for the manufacturing of hand-crafted pasta and in the production of durum wheat semolina for making cous cous which has become part of the Sicilian cookery, especially in the area of Trapani where we work. To these scopes we use modern roll-mills. Today, with the distance of time, Molini del Ponte is a showcase of the extraordinary coexistence of old and new. One space, two methods of grinding grain: the antique stone-milling process and the production with computerized roll-mills.

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