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Gazzerosse born from the dream of a family, strong of a tradition that has to be more generations of vitivinicultori, over nearly two centuries has been working with its vineyards and care transmitting the 'love of wine and giving body to their passion thanks to the enthusiasm of new recruits. The location of the vineyards near the sea breezes that protect the integrity of the grapes and water availability of the river Delia, of course give the good qualities that makes unique wines Gazzerosse. Knowledge of different types of vineyards and wine to get, as well as study analysis of statistical data related to the climate and to the maturation of the grapes, the drive choices of the team always present on the field until the tasting direct in pre-harvest, acting with soon as possible trying to get the best grapes possible. All treatments are based on the prevention, to avoid the development of numerous vine diseases, which is why the company for over 10 years has been engaged in a program of renewal which aims at increasing the quality of products, respect for tradition, but with particular emphasis on its food and health. The winery is supported by the most advanced technology ever for the enforcement of organoleptic qualities of wines, which are produced with the constant presence of the expert team, ensuring optimal conditions for wine-making, thanks to return systems and pressing soft, with a rapid and efficient cold chain and a computer monitor temperatures, an independent system of nitrogen loading of the tanks and finally a fully equipped analysis laboratory internal position to keep the trend of winemaking. In order to obtain the "quality products", in 2010, our winery, implementing the plan of conversion of its products in the biological, bringing thus changes on crops, cultivating beans in the vineyards, can provide a rich supply of nitrogen to the soil, in a natural way, avoiding the use of chemical substance and avoiding, also, the use of harmful ones (as a pesticide), favored by our microclimate Sicilian extraordinarily dry and hot in the summer months, thus ensuring a good state of health vineyards, preserving them from attack by insects and mold, having, therefore, respect for nature, and Consequently respect for our health, in order to obtain a product with wholesome flavors, true expression of our territory. These are the credentials of this ambitious project, which aims to give concrete meaning the words "manufacturing excellence."

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