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Frantoi Cutrera di Cutrera G. & C. snc

Frantoi Cutrera is a family farm producing high quality and niche olive oil and , only with Sicilian olives, especially from south-eastern Sicily. For generations the Cutrera family has been dedicating to the cultivation of olive trees and olive oil production, a profession carried on for decades with the passion and the love that binds this family to its land. The company's origins date back more than a century ago, records show that in 1906, the family Cutrera was dedicated to the cultivation and care of olive trees in Chiaramonte Gulfi, a small town in the south-eastern area of Sicily, in order to have control over all stages of production, from the olive tree, till the oil in the bottle. Cutrera's olive oils are produced exclusively with green olives  harvested by hand,  useing a cold extraction facilities, stored in stainless steel silos, controlled temperature and under nitrogen (to avoid oxidation), even in bottle nitrogen is added, this allows to extract the highest quality and to maintain the freshness over time. Only the care of every single step has allowed us to obtain high-quality oils and to achieve very important results. Since this year tha family has introduced a new product line all produced by them in their new gourmet laboratry: pickles, preserves, jams, antipastis. Thanks to the commitment, seriousness, professionalism and passion today the company works with some of the major players in the international high quality food industry, some of the best brands, restaurateurs and chefs worldwide, exporting in more than 30 Countries and reaching more than 190 awards and recognitions in the world.

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