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'IL GAETELLO' Dairy is the natural evolution of the farm of the same name, which opened in the early '60s near Ramacca (Catania). Animal husbandry, especially sheep-raising, and the cultivation of forage using organic methods, go together with the production of cheeses, both fresh and matured. Today the 'Il Gaetello' Dairy Farm, besides production, also follows the distribution of its typical Sicilian dairy products, thus guaranteeing an efficient and punctual service. Our products derive from the ancient Sicilian traditional cheese-making methods, carefully brought up-to-date and made suitable for the demands of a modern diet, respecting all the rules which guarantee the health and well-being of the consumer. The production, based mainly on the manufacture of sheep's milk cheeses, is carried out in the traditional way in order to assure our high-quality craftsman standards, in fact our products are presented on the Sicilian market as local specialities to be found in the best groceries, and the most scrupulous and renowned hotels, restaurants and caterers. Production and distribution, therefore, are carried out together, avoiding intermediary passages (retailers and wholesalers), a guarantee of the freshness and the wholesomeness of the product, and, not least, its excellent quality and value for money.50 associated farms situated throughout Sicily, one cheese-manufacturing plant, 620 quintals of milk processed every day, 11 thousand forms of cheese produced every year, mean that the Gaetello Dairy is one of the most dynamic and important realities of Sicilian craftsmanship production.The products of the Gaetello Dairy spring from the ancient Sicilian cheese-making tradition, carefully brought up-to-date and made suitable to the demands of modern alimentation.

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