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Terra Più is a Company based in Italy, involved in the edible oil business. Since 1998, our Company cultives olive groves in its own estate, located in the protected area of the Madonie Natural Park, in Sicily, the island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea where olive oil is produced since the Punic age (700. b.C.). Terra Più has chosen quality as a lifestyle accompanied by painstaking attention to details. It has chosen to devote care and attention to every phase of the olive oils production, from the preparation of the soil to the oil making process (oil-milling, filtration, storage) up to the bottling. The company takes pride in the day to day cultivation and renewed productivity of its century-old olive groves and operates with scrupulous respect for both nature and tradition. Our oils are organic certificated, 100% made in Italy, and each individual stage in the making process can be traced back. We guarantee our customers that the final products reflects our company philosophy: that of providing a superior quality extra virgin olive oils. Apart from his own labels, Terra Più also produce and pack extra virgin olive oil under Private Labels for his clients; thanks to the possibility to adapt the packaging line in order to the shape, capacity and typology of the container used, we can offer a custom service bases on the particular client’s needs. Private label service could be realized both for small and for large volume. We’re proud to have served along this years Clients as: Academia Barilla – Barilla Group (ITA), Cantine Pellegrino (ITA), City’Super (HK), Yoshikei (JP), Spynneys Qatar (QATAR), Sosi Food (Bahrain), Aqua Marcia Hotels (ITA), Miscela D’Oro Japan (JP), Dharampal Premchad (INDIA), WorldTourist International (CH).

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