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CAPPELLO Aziende Agricole

AZIENDE AGRICOLE CAPPELLO ( CAPPELLO FARM ) We are a family farm and we have been farming for over 40 years.Deeply tied to the land and life in the country side, we grow datterini tomatoes, radish,pumpkins and transform ready-made datterini sauce . We grow in the sunniest area of Italy, in the southeast of Sicily, exactly in the plateau of Pianostella overlooking the valley of Dirillo in ragusa province. The strength and energy of the sun, in the plateau of Pianostella, turns into small, sweet and juicy tomato berries . We grow on sandy soils of sea origin very suitable for cultivating high quality vegetables and for the salinity of irrigation water which further enhances the flavour of small tomato berries . Over the course of a decade, we have selected a variety of ancient datterino with bush-shape (semi-determined) suitable for processing and cultivation in our area, which is characterized by the rusticity and a good agronomic adaptation with fruits of exquisite flavor and aroma . All our fields are farmed with the methods of integrated farming, respecting the resources such as soil, water, agro-ecosystem and the farmers and not least our consumers . A particular attention is addressed to treat plant diseases that we manage with the use of active substances of natural origin and agronomic methods such as proper ventilation, proper management of irrigation and organic fertilization that allow to keep our plants healthy . The datterini tomatoes that we use for the production of our sauce are fully grown in our fields, this allows us to have total control of the supply chain from seed to jar . We use only ingredients that come from Sicily. This ensures the highest quality of our products and full traceability. How we use to work : SHORT AND CLOSED SUPPLY CHAIN TOTAL CONTROL FROM THE SEED TO THE JARS •TOTAL TRACEABILITY EVERYTHING FROM OUR TERRITORY • RESPECT FOR TRADITION AND WORK SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY • CERTIFIED QUALITY INTEGRATED FARMING AND GLOBAL GAP CERTIFICATION • ZERO RESIDUE NO CHEMICALS DETECTABLE BY LABORATORY ANALYSIS • GMO FREE : SUPPLY CHAIN WHICH EXCLUDES THE USE OF GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS • SEASONAL HARVESTING FROM JUNE TO AUGUST 100 % Product of Italy

Cellulare: +39 339 6175376
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