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Verissima wines & emotions is a General Representation Agency that is dedicated to the valorisation and commercialization in Sicily of great wines, sparkling wines, champagne, grappa and other excellent products by promoting the same firms in entering in to the important market sale as well as promoting the Sicilian image. Verissima wines & emotions was founded at Palermo by Santi Buzzotta that, pushed by passion and strengthen by his experience in this sector knew how to create a General Representation Agency able to give a professional support to the firms, not only for communication and public relation, but even for commercial.The specified deed is to provide communication and commercialization for the firms that are interested in market innovation. Verissima wines & emotions is specialized, tank to the experience of management in this sector, over twenty years, mostly in searching for new commercial opportunities for Sicilian market, through important relation wires with most important wine-shops restaurants and distributors in channel. Growing in a dynamic and innovated way, Verissima wines & emotions wants to go towards the different market needs and be active different sectors. Events and communications: Verissima wines & emotions offers promotion services, institutional press-office, marketing services and public relations created for every firms requirement. It organizes events that are dedicated to the taste and the pleasure of life. Great wines, high top cooking, precious and sought products proposed in exclusive and unique locations. The activities of Verissima wines & emotions look forwards firms that want to organize business meeting, product presentation and congresses in all the Sicilian territory.The distribution: a strong commercial experience and a large wire of professional agents allow Verissima wines & emotions to offer selected opportunities in measure for the various products of every single firm.The consultancy: More than twenty years of experience are put a disposal for the firms that intend to develop a new concept of marketing where the commercial part, the communication and the promotion work together to reach the aim predicted. Verissima wines & emotions develops little, medium and even large projects, take to care of the press-office activities, editorial communications keeping contact with journalist and the editorial staff of the newspapers of the sector, offers creative cumulous and competence for theintroductions of the products and with the firms takes care of the graphic supervising of promotion materials. Verissima wines & emotions b-side all supplies firms in indenisation the hinge contacts that allow the growing business and that is why it gives consultancy in order to take part in fairs and strategically sector demonstrations for the Sicilian market. Santi Buzzotta founder and owner of Verissima wines & emotions, speak highly of his over twenty years of experience in leading wine business, in commercial management and marketing, in public relations and even a deep knowing in wine market.Santi Buzzotta personally occupies, further the supervision of every activity, specific of:ï‚· Realize strategy for the commercial development company;ï‚· Organization for participation to demonstrations and sector fairs, in Italy and foreign countries;ï‚· Creation and management of a wire of sales personalized in Sicily;ï‚· Research for importers. Verissima wines & emotions avails a team of good and esteemed professionals able to support even for:ï‚· Comunication, images and advertising;ï‚· Press - office activities;ï‚· Administrative and financial consultancy;ï‚· Documentation in company funding;ï‚· Legal office activities;ï‚· Commercial Consulence in export;ï‚· Organizzation of events.

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