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BONOLIO was founded in 1934 and has always been run by the Bono family who has been in the olive oil business since then. Today the Bonolio olive oil factory includes the biggest oil-mill in Sicily, with an olive oil production capacity of 5 tons per hour distributed on four production lines, four automatic bottle/can machine lines for a capacity of 18000 bottles per hour and an olive oil stock capacity of 5000 tons.  “Bono” extra virgin olive oil produced by Bonolio is a selection of the finest olive oils made in the territory of Sciacca-Sicily. “Bonolio” produces four types of extra virgin olive oils such as "PDO Val di Mazara-Sicily", "PDO Val di Mazara-Sicily 100% Organic", "100%Organic Product of Italy", and "Product of Italy". Bonolio is the largest producer and trader of PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Val di Mazara SICILY,  and one of the biggest Italian producer and trader of 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The plant is certified by DNV on quality system Iso 9001:2008, BRC, IFS. Today thanks to the great acquire experience and to the very high levels of quality obtained by the company, it exports all over Europe, in The United States of America, in Japan and in China. We are looking for Importers/Distributors of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Buyers of Department Stores and Supermarkets, and Retailers for our brand BONO but also for private label.

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