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Castello Solicchiata e Feudo del Boschetto, aziende vitivinicole.

The wine " Castello Solicchiata " is to be rembered as the first Bordeaux blend in Italy vinified with french method. In 1855  baron Felice Spitaleri di Muglia planted bordeaux grape varieties : Cabernet franc, Merlot , Cabernet sauvignon, in his feud called " Solicchiata " on mountain Etna, on the classic black volcanic sand soil and on the dry stone walls terraces between 800 and 1200 meters above sea level. The " Castello Solicchiata " received the first award at the London exhibition in 1888, the Great Honor diploma and Gold Medal in Palermo in 1889, Vienna 1890 , Berlin 1892, Brussels 1893, Milan 1894 and it was the first official supply of Royal House of Italy which granted baron Spitaleri the privilege of being able to erect the Royal coat of arms on his castle for the wine development of the Kingdom of Italy. Baron Felice Spitaleri di Muglia was the first bottler of Pinot noir in Italy , whose formula was the first step for the wines called " Etna Rosso " by himself invented and " Boschetto Rosso " and " Sant'Elia " both pure Pinot noir. His lineal descendants decided to replant the same way as his ancestor did, by regrafting the 160 years old vines shoots on american rootstocks. Nowadays " Castello Solicchiata " and " Feudo del Boschetto " have respectively  about 60 and 25 hectares of vineyards planted between 800 and 1200 meters above sea level on the classic black volcanic sand soils with the old greek bush training system. The first bottlings are a blend of Cabernet franc, Merlot and Cabernet sauvignon, called " Castello Solicchiata " and " Secondo di Castello Solicchiata " and a pure Pinot noir called " Boschetto Rosso " and " Sant'Elia ".

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