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Alessandro di Camporeale

The Landscape In the Belice valley, in the province of Palermo lays the small market town of Camporeale. On its charming foot hills, overlooking the plain of Mandranova, is where the Alessandro di Camporeale Estate was established.  This is an ancient and enchanting land, where agriculture has long been the main activity: a thread winding its way down the ages, determining the distinctive traits of a culture of excellence which unites tradition, a sense of family and a passion for wine.    The Family Deeply committed to producing quality wines, the roots of the Alessandro di Camporeale family are steeped in history, with the fourth generation now taking their place in the company.  The legacy was begun in the early 20th century by Antonino, grandfather of the current owners, who  was then followed in the 1980s by his son Benedetto, a pioneer of modern wine-making in these region.  At the end of 90s the company is benefiting from the commitment and energy of the brothers Rosolino, Antonino and Natale, who together confirm a production model based on the vineyard and oenological innovation.  It  continues to develop and improve bodied wines, which are also delicate, refined and well-balanced.  “Our wines are born on the vine”, explains Antonino Alessando, “between the rows of vines and the passion of those who work the land.  We occupy a niche and we believe that this size is perfect for expressing our philosophy of excellence”.   The New Generation The Alessandro di Camporeale Estate is situated in a corner of Sicily characterised by a modern, innovative and project-orientated culture.   From within the company, the new generation can revel in pride and their own identity, sharing a production philosophy which has firm roots in the history of the family.  It is the three Alessandro cousins who are the future of the company, renewing and forging ahead to the third millennium with consuming passion and promise.  They bear witness to a devout commitment, based on emotion and intelligence.  This is not only their company philosophy, but also their lifeblood: from Anna, Manager for Communications and Wine-tourism, to Benedetto, the oenologist, who follows the entire production process, and Benedetto, Marketing Manager of the family company.  These are the new human resources and specializations required for perpetuating the company, which has become a symbol of  wine-making in an area renowned for excellence.   The Vineyards Out a total of 50 hectares, 35 hectares of vineyards are spread out over a land that benefits from a mild, but not dry climate 400 meters above sea level. In addition, 2 hectares have been set aside for the production of olive oil.  It is in the fertile clay and limestone based soil that the Alessandro family have cultivated native varieties of grapes, such as Nero d’Avola, Grillo and Catarratto, and international varieties like: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Merlot, Syrah, Viogner and Sauvignon Blanc.   All vine-related activities are carried out by hand, following the organic farming principles and using small but important measures: the rose, precious sentinels warning of the oidium attacks, the green manure, to promote soil fertility and protect it from erosion, and measures to support biodiversity, such as  planting  hedges and shrubs near the rows, just to allow the establishment of many precious organism which combat parasites; the training system favours the spurred cordon espalier for the red varieties and the Guyot training system for the white grapes.  The planting format is 2.4 meters between the rows of vines with 1 meter between each plant, thereby arriving at a density of about 4,200 plants per hectare.  The growing of the vines is organised in such a way that encourages the organoleptic qualities of the grapes, seeking out qualities such as refinement, balance and delicacy.   Our Working Philosophy Seasoned hands look after the vineyard with the lightness of a caress.  Row by row, plant by plant, Zù Aspano, Zù Salvatore and Ionut carry out their meticulous duties of vine-growing, aimed at cultivating grapes which are perfectly wholesome, full-bodied and perfumed.  Pruning, pollarding, defoliation, and thinning out the grapes are only some of the operations performed in the vineyards in response to the spectacular growth of the plants.  In the countryside around Camporeale, the vines enjoy a mild and sunny climate, distinguished by notable differences in day and night temperatures, which are essential for producing grapes with an elevated sugar concentration and balanced acidity. Tradition, experience and an extensive knowledge of the land and vineyards are the cardinal rules of Alessandro di Camporeale in safeguarding the values of the Company and in producing quality products.  The relationship between man and the sun-endowed vines is strictly intertwined, emerging with the force of the history of the Estate.  The Alessandro brothes’ production philosophy is the preservation of  this time-honoured balance between man and nature, vineyard and wine producer, which was forged over centuries in the Belice valley.   The Winery It is here that Natale and Benedetto make wine from the grapes of the estate.  Built in 2000 according to the most advanced technological specifications, the winery is comprised of several small steel tanks,  fermention tanks equipped with an automated temperature control system ideal for making red wine and a wine cellar for further refining and maturing wines.  Barriques, tonneaux and oak large casks are used in the production of Syrah, as the wine first stays in the casks for about 10 months  and then in bottles for a further 6 months, always at a constant temperature of 18˚C.  Sauvignon Blanc remains in acacia and oak tonneaux for six months. Native wines, such as Catarratto, Grillo and Nero d’Avola, remain in steel tanks for 6 months, followed by another 2 months in bottles.  Particular attention is given to maintaining a high level of hygiene and safety throughout the bottling phase, which is guaranteed by attentive care and modern machinery.

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