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Ricocrem Cozzo s.r.l.

  The RICOCREM, a leading company in the production and marketing of frozen sweetened ricotta cream, for pastry shops, department stores and restaurants. Speciality made in Sicily Ricocrem is a highly experienced, born in a land rich in history and great traditions, specializing in the production and marketing of sweetened ricotta cream and frozen, which has maintained, without sacrificing his own innovative capacity, unchanged the ancient methods processes handed down over the centuries by shepherds.The modern technology and the latest automated systems guarantee maximum safety with the correct application of traceability and all the other information that helps to protect both the interests of the consumer and those of the company and then to have the best hygiene conditions in accordance with the health rules laid down by 'European union.The new production plant adopting the latest technological innovations offers a wide space of about 4000 square meters. Divided as follows: 2000 square meters. freezer chambers, 200 square meters. blast chillers, 1000 square meters. production hall, 800 square meters. logistics. All this allows us to ensure the following parameters: - Product of first choice;- Microbiological analysis on all production batches;- Constant quality over time.Thanks to the efforts and the use of the latest technological innovations with automated systems, the Ricocrem is able to export their products all over the world, thanks to the wide shelf life guaranteed by the quick-freezing, in concert with selected ingredients of the highest quality , make that around the world it is possible to savor this frieze of the Sicilian tradition, which is the original ricotta.Today, Ricocrem has reached the size and the characteristics of a large modern company that has retained the soul of traditional craftsmanship.The organization, the professionalism and the experience gained by Ricocrem in thirty years of experience is at your disposal.  

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