Padiglione Italia
Regione Siciliana
Expo Milano 2015

Evento: dal 12 al 15 Luglio

Incoming Mission - Palermo

The Region of Sicily, Department for Economic Activities and Enterprise Europe Network Sicily, organize a Company Mission in Palermo (Sicily, Italy).

About 60 delegates from foreign companies will have the opportunity to participate in B2B meetings and company visits with Sicilian companies for transnational cooperation.The selected

Sicilian companies will be booked by the foreign potential partners before the event.


Why to participate

In pre-arranged bilateral meetings, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • make most of your meeting with personalised 20 minutes-meetings
  • discuss about cooperation opportunities
  • find new partnersestablish new business relationships
  • reach new international markets
  • find new business opportunities
  • promote your company profile with a specific offer or request
  • get support and follow-up after the start of the agreements

    Main Topics

    • Agrofood
    • Organic food
    • Tourism
    • Fashion and design (including jewelry and accessories)
    • Craftmanship
    • Marine

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