Who is the Sprint office for?

The Sprint office is for anyone interested in developing an idea, expanding their business, or transforming their activity into an international concern.

The activities and services of the Sprint office abroad are of particular interest to:

1. foreign businesses
2. Sicilians throughout the world
3. foreign consultants or advisors
4. foreign institutions
5. international organisations
6. foreign marketing agencies and partnership networks
7. young people interested in working in Sicily

The Office is first and foremost an information point providing information, knowledge sharing and internationalisation strategy-building skills.

In order to facilitate internationalisation of region’s economy, the Sprint office will act as interlocutor with foreign businesses, Sicilian businesses, various public offices on regional, provincial levels etc, and with a range of other stakeholders.

Information is analysed, organised and made available to the outside world using a communication strategy tailored to suit the needs of the individual user.

The central tool is the websites and

The Sprint Sicilia Office is in direct and constant contact with the regional business world. It has operational agreements with some of the most important figures in Sicily’s business community, a position which enables it to act as "one stop shop" for foreign businesses interesting in working with our economy.

Online you will find guides divided into subject areas, market surveys, and detailed information packages on each of the sectors. Our staff of experts will guide foreign enterprises using their in-depth knowledge of the island’s economy and the opportunities available. It offers assistance in the organisation of targeted market research and analysis, in the search for local partners and in pinpointing tailored financial tools. The island offers all the opportunities required to expand and develop your business.

The Office puts foreign businesses in touch with the Regional Public Administration to establish necessary contacts, and to create partnerships to ensure you take full advantage of the business opportunities available.
The following services are offered through the Sprint website or information desk (available in several other languages)and are the first step to ensuring your success in Sicily.

  • strategy-building consultancy
  • partner search
  • market research
  • information service for business opportunities
  • feasibility studies of business ideas
  • economic scouting
  • Transport and logistics
  • Fishing Industry
  • Shipbuilding Industry
  • Hi-tech
  • Stone industry
  • Decorative ceramics
  • Agricultural and food
  • Tourism