The next few years will be characterized by a significant change in European investment and financial aid policies.

In view of this, the Mediterranean area will be particularly important, especially due to the MED 2007-2013 programme, which will provide the funds for major infrastructure work.

This will ensure that Sicily is able to become an international traffic centre and to achieve the aims set out in the Lisbon Agenda and the Gothenburg Agenda.
Sicily has various ‘tools’ which focus on the development of the infrastructure, on business investment and on the development of services in order to increase business competitiveness.

For the period 2007-2013, 8.3 billion euros have been allocated for the whole regional economy, thereby enabling both local and foreign business investment and new businesses to start up in the area.

Businesses interested in investing in Sicily can access three macro categories of incentives:

1. investment incentives;
2. employment incentives;
3. technology innovation, research and development incentives.

Financial resources are available for:

  • infrastructure: roads, motorways, ports, car parks, railways networks etc;
  • the environment and energy: renewable energy sources, re-cycling etc;
  • research, innovation and technology – transfer and promotion;
  • investment in production sites in order to support the creation of industrial districts, to aid internationalization, promote tourism and culture, and to support the development of human resources;
  • sustainable urban development – development of services and infrastructure to improve quality of life, support to improve the urban transport system, re-development of the urban area;
  • administration, institute efficiency and technical assistance – to improve the management and administrative efficiency and efficacy of public offices, increase security and to facilitate the spread of civic culture and legality.

European, national and regional funds offer the following opportunities for investors in Sicily:

  • reduction of labour costs (up to six years);
  • financing of up to 50% of costs for plant, equipment and machines in the industrial, tourism and agricultural sectors;
  • incentives covering up to 75% of research and development costs;
  • incentives covering up to 100% of training project costs;
  • access to short, medium and long-term state loans - preferential interest rates.

The following are also available:

  • Private Equity Fund “Cape Sicilia” (the endowment of capital from the fund will not be below 30 million euros);
  • Tax credits;
  • Investment Guarantee Fund

Detailed and up-to-date information on all business opportunities can be found on our website:

  • Transport and logistics
  • Fishing Industry
  • Shipbuilding Industry
  • Hi-tech
  • Stone industry
  • Decorative ceramics
  • Agricultural and food
  • Tourism