The main competition in the logistics sector comes from North Europe and, more recently, Spain (although not centrally placed in the Mediterranean, Spain is in a strategic position close to the Atlantic Ocean). Their main strengths lie in their organisational skills and optimization of trade flows within the logistics area.

In the short sea shipping sector, however, the main competition comes from Greece, Malta and other regions in Italy (Gioia Tauro, Genova, Ravenna and Livorno, with whom a strategy of integration is favoured).

The ports of Gioia Tauro and Malta - the largest container ports in the Mediterranean and just a few kilometres from the coast of Sicily - are nearing saturation. This could mean that some Sicilian ports will be able to attract the excess traffic.

Development in the logistics sector in Sicily is largely determined, on the one hand by the island's excellent location and the large number of ports (extremely important for international trade), and on the other by public funding, as provided for by the new European, Italian and Sicilian development schemes for the period 2007-2013.

A total of 5 billion euros has been allocated for this period, over and above financing for projects already underway, which amounts to over 4 billion euros.

New interports, carports and multimodal logistics terminals in Sicily will be strategically placed throughout the territory with modern, innovative design. The use of advanced technology systems will enable a high level of rationalization in the logistics sector leading to total integration of all operations directly connected to transport, as well as all those indirectly connected, guaranteeing high value-added services and lower costs.

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