Italian 20th Century ceramic was undoubtedly the most decorative of its time throughout the world. What was happening in Italy in the ceramics industry occurred only occasionally in other parts of the world; mostly the work of a single manufacturer, a particularly gifted artist or confined to a small area.

In Italy, and even more so in Sicily, quite the opposite was happening. It was a widespread phenomenon right across the country with artists, manufacturers, workshops and ceramics centres using modern and traditional techniques. Italian ceramics were highly-prized and were always at the forefront of the styles of the time.

Traditional ceramics centres in Sicily have shown particular skill in re-inventing their craft, creating unique pieces of art or everyday objects. Some of the objects are extremely beautiful - an obvious display of the artist's natural talent and creativity (items also made to order).

In Italy, the 'art of living' has always been identified with the 'quest for beauty', in every aspect of life; a quest which often goes hand in hand with high levels of applied research, technology and perfection in production - to which few are so attentive as we Italians.

This certainly applies to the fashion industry, a sector in which all too often too little care is given to the quality of the fabrics, but also to the interior design sector and the handicrafts sector in general.

This is the image we enjoy abroad and which most sparks the imagination of our business partners.

"Made in Italy" and "Italian style" have made our name known throughout the world.

Handicrafts, and the ceramics sector in particular, have helped make the industry a centre of excellence for quality, skill, creativity and innovation in production.

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