The wine-growing sector

Wine is the product most commonly found on the foreign markets, both EU markets (Germany, France and UK) and non-European markets (USA, Canada, Switzerland and Japan) with good new market potential in India, Russia and China. In recent years, a number of producers in the sector have won international awards - a sign of the popularity of vines such as nero d'avola and inzolia.
Our biggest competitors are producers from France, Spain, California (USA), and Australia.

The oil producing sector

The foreign oil market is also highly favourable for Sicilian oils, above all the German, French, UK, Canadian, Australian and Japanese markets. Spain and Greece are the toughest competitors. Leadership on the international awards list is the best reflection of the quality of our products in this sector.

The citrus fruits sector

Oranges sell well on the German, Austrian and Swiss markets, mandarins on the French market, grapefruits on the French and German markets and lemons on the Austrian and German markets. However, competition from Spain, Morocco, Brazil and Argentina is creating serious obstacles for expansion on foreign markets, mainly due to excessively low prices from foreign producers.

Other sectors

Other competitors include Holland in the cold meats and cheese sectors, Canada in the cereals sector, Germany in the cheese sector and Belgium in the baked goods sector, though the market sector for Sicilian products on these foreign markets is somewhat small.

The low level of capitalization of business is a great obstacle towards increasing capacity to meet demand on foreign markets. New investment in the sector would improve performance considerably.

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